Dr. Seuss' The Grinch

Back Lot Music 09/11/2018 Download
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Big Opening2:46
2.Going To Town1:36
3.Jaunty Kitchen1:37
4.Mailing a Letter0:50
5.Itís Better This Way1:29
6.Northward Bound1:29
7.Christmas In Whoville4:01
8.Lost Lonely Boy1:52
9.Welcome Song / Forlorn2:29
10.To the Fort1:18
11.Dog Tongue1:23
12.Walking Toward Destiny2:47
13.The Loudest Snow2:10
14.Puppy Eyes1:03
15.Command Center1:33
16.Grinchís Wild Ride2:42
17.Kids Canít Sleep1:33
18.Stealing Christmas4:04
19.Taking the Bait1:43
20.Itís My Fault2:19
21.Welcome Christmas1:38
22.The Apology1:08
23.First Christmas0:51
24.The Big Finale1:56
25.All By Myself (Bonus Track)1:05
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