The End of Light - Svetoprestavlenie: Sergey Kalmykov

Macroscopik Records 26/10/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Intro (Someone Lives in the Attic)6:51
2.Composition 1 (Rejected Kazakh TV News Stingers)6:09
3.Composition 2, Pt. 1 (Crying Baby Is a Plastic Water Jug)3:59
4.Composition 2, Pt. 2 (Black Hole Experience Report)6:55
5.Sasha 3 (Bugs Behind the Mirror)3:56
6.Epic 1 (American Ayahuasca in St Petersburg)15:58
7.Sasha 4 (Audience Reaction)1:03
8.Epic 2 (Maintaining Oral Hygiene Amidst the Apocalypse)8:57
9.Master Peaks (In the Absence of Answers, Can We Better Ask the Question?)4:38
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