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What Still Remains

Lakeshore Records 05/10/2018 Download
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Berserker and the Forrest Chase2:35
2.Journey to What Still Remains1:31
3.Anna’s Mother Dies2:01
4.Anna Joins Peter1:13
5.God Doesn’t Choose Sides1:56
6.Anna Confronts Berserker2:50
7.Ben and Anna Dance with Words2:00
8.Arrival at the Village1:11
9.Requiem and the Ocean4:28
10.Berserker Is Charged1:55
11.David’s Cross1:31
12.Peter Steps on a Trap1:08
13.David Must Pay a Price2:41
14.Prayer at the Grave1:50
15.Trinity of Elders (Trinity of Elders)0:55
16.Anna Explores the Wall0:55
19.David Makes His Choice2:42
20.Peter’s Theme3:07
21.What Still Remains End Credits Suite2:34
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