The Song of Sway Lake

Lakeshore Records 21/09/2018 Download
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Sway Lake (Lost Record Version)3:21
2.Sway Lake (Big Band Version)2:13
3.Pure Water Opening1:18
4.An Empty Lodge0:49
5.Ghost at the Dock0:52
6.Ollieís Dream1:23
8.Halís Hands0:27
9.Starlight Reveries1:40
10.Guide Boat Daylight0:28
11.Guide Boat Moonlight0:29
12.Nikolaiís Dream0:48
14.Nikolaiís Row1:13
15.Pure Water Pills0:42
16.Charlieís Shame1:23
18.Hidden in the Attic2:16
19.Ghost in the Mirror0:38
20.Orphan Waking0:17
21.Kiss on the Point0:28
22.Wet Walk0:27
23.Orphan Usurper1:07
24.Betrayal Reveries1:48
25.Pure Water Tears1:03
26.The Old Watch0:19
27.Blood in the Water1:03
28.Sway Lake Finale2:31
29.Issa IntermezziIssa El≠Saieh4:54
30.Bittersweet J0:46
31.Bittersweet Orchestra0:42
32.Bittersweet Finale2:23
33.Drone Symphone1:08
34.Orphan Orchestra0:45
35.Orphan Finale3:44
36.Pure Water Dark Opening1:16
37.Quiet Lake Orchestra1:02
38.Quiet Lake Finale2:01
39.Small Combo3:24
40.Family Piano Exercise1:58
41.Orphan Steps0:39
43.Hymns on the Lake1:09
44.Ripples Electric0:52
45.Timmy Theme 11:20
46.Timmy Theme 21:00
47.Ghost Theme0:24
48.Sway Lake (Swing Demo)2:59
49.Sway Lake (Rhumba Demo)3:04
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