Final Fantasy IV: : Original Soundtrack Revival Dis

CBS Records 27/10/2018 CD (4988601466479)

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Prelude 
2.The Red Wings 
3.Kingdom of Baron 
4.Theme of Love 
6.Welcome to Our Town! 
7.Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV 
8.Battle 1 
10.Enter Fat Chocobo! 
11.Chocobo Chocobo 
12.Into the Darkness 
13.Battle 2 
14.Bomb Ring 
16.Damcyan Castle 
17.Sorrow and Loss 
18.Edward's Harp 
19.Mt. Ordeals 
23.Golbez, Clad In Darkness 
24.Hey, Cid! 
25.Mystic Mysidia 
26.A Long Way to Go 
27.Palom & Porom 
28.Battle With the Four Fiends 
29.The Airship 
30.Troian Beauty 
31.Samba de Chocobo! 
32.Tower of Bab-il 
33.Somewhere In the World… 
34.Land of Dwarves 
35.Giott, King of the Dwarves 
36.Dancing Calbrena 
37.Tower of Zot 
38.The Land of Summons 
39.Lunar Whale 
40.Another Moon 
41.The Lunarians 
42.Within the Giant 
43.The Final Battle 
44.Epilogue -1- 
45.Epilogue -2- 
46.Epilogue -3- 
47.The Paladin 
48.Chocobo Forest 
49.The Dancer 
52.More Tears 
53.Fanfare 1 
54.Gysahl Whistle 
55.Hummingway’s Tune 
56.The Serpent Road 
57.Fanfare 2 
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