Danger Diva

Boom Cult 16/11/2018 Vinyl (0844667041064)
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Takiní You Over (Song: Thunderpussy)3:42
2.What Are You Gonna Do? (Score: Thunderpussy)0:32
3.Building Jump (Score: Regan Remy)1:55
4.Thereís Not a Lot Of Time (Song: Regan Remy and Robert McGinley)2:55
5.Hypno Pulse Aria (Song: Regan Remy)2:51
6.All That Is (Song: Regan Remy and Robert McGinley with vocals by Molly Sides)1:34
7.Make Me Moan (Song: Thunderpussy)4:00
8.Itís Later Than You Think? (Song: Regan Remy and Robert McGinley with vocals by Molly Sides)2:46
# Track   Lengte
1.Escape To the Grey Zone2:37
2.Hey, Thatís Ralphís Cart2:43
4.Brain Cattle Recreation0:34
5.Birth Rhythm1:44
6.Brain Cattle At Work2:13
7.Hold Me, Iím Freezing2:08
8.Isolation Tank0:50
9.Revolting Diva1:29
10.Where Are The Keys, Calvin?3:41
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