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Doctor Strange
Soundtrack Recording Sessions

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Film Film release: 2016

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# Track   Lengte
1.1m2 Ancient Sorcerers Secret2:47
2.1m3 All Hands On Deck1:08
3.1m4 Maverick Takes A Bullet3:01
4.1m6 Crash and Gurney0:54
5.1m7 On Pins and Needles1:08
6.2m8 The Hands Dealt3:06
7.2m9 Lose Christine’s Love1:28
8.2m11 Pangborn Again3:22
9.2m12 Strange As It May Seem1:32
10.2m13 Mind Over Master0:48
11.2m14 Let’s Get Astro-Physical0:36
12.2m15 A Long Strange Trip2:46
13.3m17 Kamer Taj Needs Some Strange0:57
14.3m18 The Eyes Have It1:38
15.3m18a Time Will Tell0:53
16.3m19 Mystery Training2:08
17.3m20 Reading Is Fundamental1:53
18.3m21 Strange Mounts A Comeback4:52
19.3m22 Inside The Mirror Dimension4:19
20.4m22a Watch Me Email1:04
21.4m24 An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Strange2:12
22.4M25 The True Purpose Of The Sorcerer2:21
23.4m26 Sanctimonious Sanctum Sacking7:49
24.4m27 Have A Cloak and A Smile2:47
25.4m28 Dying To Get Back To Christine1:48
26.4m29-30 Astral Doom4:03
27.5m31 Post Op Paracosm1:40
28.5m32 Hippocratic Hypocrite2:10
29.5m33 The Doctor Wants His Dormommy1:56
30.5m34 Smote and Mirrors6:40
31.5m36 A Strange Way To Tell Me You Love Me1:58
32.5m37 Backing The Wong Horse2:47
33.6m35 Ancient History4:37
34.6m38 Hong Kong Kablooey3:58
35.6m39 Astral Worlds Worst Killer6:32
36.6m40 Strange Days Ahead3:55
37.6m41 Master Of The Mystic End Credits2:34
38.6m42a MOE TAG 10:42
39.6m42b MOE TAG 22:06
40.Master Of Mystic End Credits–STRANGE JAM3:51
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