Q: The Winged Serpent

Kronos Records 25/08/2018 CD - 300 exemplaren (0744271974638)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Q: Main Title1:44
2.Filet Of Human Soul1:06
3.Blood Drops From The Sky1:38
4.Jewelry Heist2:32
5.Chrysler Building3:10
6.Womb At The Top1:26
7.Corpse In The Rafters2:26
8.He Crawls, He Flies1:40
9.The Winged Serpent3:28
10.Crunch, Crunch2:59
11.Joan Learns The Ugly Truth1:47
12.A Bird's Eye View Manhattan1:01
13.Shep's Report Dumped1:40
14.Troops Prepare Giant Omelette3:49
15.Prime Suspect2:00
16.Ritual In The Warehouse1:53
17.Big Birds Last Stand2:25
18.Witchdoctor's Revenge3:49
19.Another Stab At It2:17
20.Chicken Or The Egg1:09
21.Q Main Title1:42
22.Dancing Too Close To The Flame2:39
23.Blood Drops From The Sky (alt)1:32
24.Jewelry Heist (alt)2:26
25.Chrysler Building (alt)3:09
26.Lunch Break0:44
27.Horrible Pictures0:36
28.He Crawls, He Flies (alt)1:37
29.Q Sighting2:28
30.Jewel Hide1:15
31.Pushups Back Home0:43
32.Quinn Detained0:47
33.Joan Learns The Ugly Truth (alt)1:49
34.Quinn Thrown Out0:37
35.Good Old Fashioned Monster1:06
36.End Title1:38
37.Ritual Preparations3:11
38.The Ritual2:26
40.Let’s Fall Apart Together Tonight2:45
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