Young Guns II

Rusted Wave 20/07/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Brushy Bill2:07
3.Fort Sumner1:05
4.Prince Of Piss0:36
5.G.D. Ennio1:03
6.Small Hands2:06
7.Lynch Mob1:45
8.Real Lynch Mob2:25
9.Finish The Game1:58
10.Chattin' with Chisum1:01
11.Yoo Hoo2:42
12.New Sheriff0:47
13.Devil's Deal0:44
14.Pig Sticking Match1:03
15.More Than Hello1:34
16.Tom Sees the Light1:31
17.Coy Dog2:36
18.Ride to Guano City1:08
20.Little Tom Dies1:38
21.Mexican Blackbird1:12
22.Let's Finish the Game2:08
23.Chavez and Hendry0:32
24.Dumb Bell1:38
25.Garrett's Place1:08
26.Chavez's Wound3:01
27.Forgotten Gun2:01
28.You Gonna Shoot?1:51
29.Stolen Horse1:16
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