Madame Sans-Gêne

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Film Film release: 1961

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title2:00
2.The Royal Swiss Guard / Catherine Asks Napoleons' Aid1:30
3.Catherine And Francois / Francois' Departure5:59
4.Napoleon`s Army in Italy1:24
5.Catherine and the 'Girls'1:29
6.Catherine Meets Francois Again / Captured by the Austrian Army3:39
7.Dance in the French Camp1:04
8.The Gunpowder / The Explosion1:56
9.Napoleon`s Troops Charge1:56
10.The Rise of Napoleon / Napoleon And Fouché2:35
11.Catherine Learns Courtly Manners3:10
12.Catherine and Francois Enter the Court3:06
13.Catherine and the Noblewomen3:33
14.The Emperor / Catherine and Francois2:15
15.Scandal at the Court1:21
16.The Parade3:15
17.Francois` Disappointment1:20
18.Waiting for Napoleon1:32
19.Catherine Goes to Napoleon1:15
20.Finale / End Cast1:14
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