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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Complete Recordings

Rhino | Warner Bros. 27/07/2018 Download
Rhino | Warner Bros. 27/07/2018 CD (603497860937)
Film Film release: 2002

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# Track   Lengte
2.Elven Rope 
3.Lost In Emyn Muil 
4.My Precious 
5.Uglúk's Warriors 
6.The Three Hunters 
7.The Banishment of Éomer 
8.Night Camp 
9.The Plains Of Rohan 
11.The Dead Marshes 
12.Wraiths On Wings 
13.Gandalf the White 
14.The Dreams Of Trees 
15.The Heir of Númenor 
# Track   Lengte
2.The Court Of Meduseld 
3.Théoden King/The Funeral of Théodred (feat. Miranda Otto) 
4.The King's Decision 
5.Exodus From Edoras 
6.The Forests Of Ithilien 
7.One of the Dúnedain/Evenstar (feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian) 
8.The Wolves of Isengard 
9.Refuge At Helm's Deep 
10.The Voice Of Saruman 
11.Arwen's Fate/The Grace of the Valar (feat. Sheila Chandra) 
12.The Story Foretold 
13.Sons Of The Steward 
14.Rock And Pool 
15.Faramir's Good Council 
# Track   Lengte
1.Aragorn's Return 
2.War Is Upon Us 
3.Where Is The Horse And The Rider? 
4.The Host Of The Eldar 
5.The Battle Of The Hornburg 
6.The Breach Of The Deeping Wall 
7.The Entmoot Decides 
8.Retreat/Haldir's Lament (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) 
9.Master Peregrin's Plan 
10.The Last March of the Ents (feat. Ben Del Maestro) 
11.The Nazgûl Attack 
12.Théoden Rides Forth (feat. Ben Del Maestro) 
13.The Tales That Really Matter 
14.Long Ways to Go Yet/Gollum's Song (feat. Emiliana Torrini) 
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