Patrick Melrose

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# Track   Lengte
1.David Melrose Theme 
2.Running Through the Grapevine 
3.First Taxi Trip 
5.Quaaludes Hit 
6.Back at the Drake 
7.Martiniís and Tartar 
8.Second Taxi Trip 
9.At Lorettaís 
10.Hotel Tripping 
11.Naked Delivery 
12.Running to Frank E Macdonaldís 
13.Broadway Helicopter 
14.Come Talk to Your Dear Old Dad 
15.Rivers of Blood 
16.David Melrose / Piano Virtuoso 
17.Careful with the China 
18.Arthiritis Flashback 
19.Ferris Wheel 
20.Squashing Ants 
22.Falling Down Stairs 
23.Patrick in the Tunnel 
24.Dinner / Lurking / Stairway 
25.End Titles 
26.Party Preparations 
27.Lizard / Bathroom / Flashback 
28.Catching Sonny 
30.Donít Go Picking out the Wallpaper Just Yet 
31.Liquor Store Phone Call 
32.If You Canít Change 
33.Itís Amitriptyline 
34.Patrick Returns to Onslow Club 
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