The Good Karma Hospital

Silva Screen Records 20/04/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Ruby’s Theme 
2.Driving to The Good Karma Hospital 
3.The Good Karma Hospital Opening Titles 
4.Home from Home 
5.Good Times at the Good Karma Hospital 
6.Bike Ride 
7.Distant Past (Desmond’s Theme) 
8.Festival of Colours 
9.I Don’t Want to Die (Paul and Maggie’s Theme) 
10.Letting Go (Shobna’s Theme) 
11.The Temple 
12.Settling In 
13.Immaculate Conception (Sister Inez’s Theme) 
14.Bus Crash 
15.New Adventures 
16.I Don’t Think It’ll be Long Now (Paul and Maggie’s Theme) 
17.Going Home (Paul and Maggie’s Theme) 
18.One of the Locals 
19.Fatherhood (Murali’s Theme) 
20.Mari Moving On 
21.Abandoned (Reya’s Theme) 
22.Electricity Thief 
23.Ruby and Gabriel to the Plantation 
24.Trapped (Neelam’s Theme) 
25.Kite Flying 
26.Ruby and Gabriel make the Connection 
27.Kisses and Lies 
28.Separated at Birth 
29.Ram and AJ 
30.A Change of Heart 
31.Broken Trust (Mohanan’s Theme) 
33.Fading Memories (Sushma’s Theme) 
34.Ruby Regrets 
37.Acceptance (Virginia’s Theme) 
38.Life Goes On 
39.I’ll Always be Waiting 
40.Wedding Song 
41.Loose Ends 
42.A New Day 
43.The Good Karma Hospital Closing Titles 
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