Super Furball

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# Track   Lengte
1.Super Furball Theme0:54
3.Main Title1:57
4.Late for School1:46
5.Two Homes and a Running Wheel1:48
6.Ominous Signs3:09
7.Furball Taxi3:49
9.Herring Here, Herring Everywhere2:14
10.Emilia's Transformation3:08
11.First Meeting2:15
12.Superhero Difficulties1:46
13.Learning to Fly1:18
15.The Herring Chief1:55
16.A Talk with Dad1:38
17.Bath Tub1:48
18.Town in Crisis2:09
19.The Water Park3:14
20.A Herring Plan3:05
22.The Hero We All Need5:55
23.Classroom Courage1:25
24.Clean Water2:06
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