Black Panther

Hollywood Records 16/02/2018 Download
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Wakanda Origins1:44
2.Royal Talon Fighter4:00
4.Warrior Falls4:06
5.The Jabari1:08
6.Waterfall Fight4:03
7.Ancestral Plane4:27
10.Casino Brawl3:32
11.Busan Car Chase2:49
12.Questioning Klaue3:32
14.Is This Wakanda?2:46
15.Killmonger’s Challenge5:07
16.Killmonger vs. T’Challa3:30
17.Loyal to the Throne1:35
18.Killmonger’s Dream3:15
19.Burn It All3:24
20.Entering Jabariland2:42
21.Wake Up T’Challa6:08
22.The Great Mound Battle3:48
23.Glory to Bast6:06
24.The Jabari, Pt. II2:22
25.A Kings Sunset4:28
26.A New Day1:47
27.Spaceship Bugatti1:23
28.United Nations / End Titles7:32
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