Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection

La-La Land Records 14/02/2018 CD - 3000 exemplaren
TV-serie/TV film Film release: 1992

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# Track   Lengte
When She Was Bad (Christophe Beck)
2.Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme1:04
3.Buffy Saves Friends4:19
4.Smashing The Bones1:20
Inca Mummy Girl (Christophe Beck)
5.Ampata’s Kiss1:32
The Dark Age (Christophe Beck)
6.Philip Asks For Giles1:21
Ted (Christophe Beck)
7.She’ll Come Around2:40
8.I Hit Him2:27
9.Ted Attacks Buffy2:21
Bad Eggs (Shawn Clement And Sean Murray)
10.Cordelia’s Bear1:41
Surprise (Christophe Beck)
11.This Is Nice1:36
12.Buffy Meets Judge2:51
Innocence (Christophe Beck)
13.Yesterday On Buffy0:43
14.Spike My Boy2:43
15.Get Out2:32
Phases (Shawn Clement And Sean Murray)
16.Meeting Cain0:40
17.Werewolf Crashes Party1:33
18.Cain Prepares1:13
19.The Chase4:09
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Christophe Beck)
20.You’re So Sweet0:47
Passion (Christophe Beck)
21.Angel Waits1:41
22.Remembering Jenny1:49
Performed By Anthony Stewart Head I Only Have Eyes For You (Christophe Beck)
23.Love Is Forever1:15
Becoming, Part 1 (Christophe Beck)
24.Show Me Your World2:32
25.Devil Child1:16
27.As Angel Becomes1:55
Becoming, Part 2 (Christophe Beck)
29.Waking Willow2:04
30.Vision Of Jenny2:40
31.Close Your Eyes2:50
Anne (Christophe Beck)
Band Candy (Christophe Beck)
33.Tai Chi1:09
34.Sugar High1:40
Lovers Walk (Christophe Beck)
35.Loneliness Of Six1:50
The Wish (Christophe Beck)
36.Bizarro Sunnydale2:02
37.Blood Machine2:31
38.Slayer’s Elegy1:48
# Track   Lengte
Amends (Christophe Beck)
1.Dublin 1938 / Dreaming Of / Magic Snow Music6:24
Helpless (Christophe Beck)
2.Betrayal / Kralik’s House / A Father’s Love6:49
The Zeppo (Christophe Beck)
3.Dead Guys With Bombs3:10
Doppelgangland (Christophe Beck)
4.Alt. Willow3:33
Choices (Christophe Beck)
5.Into The Mayor’s Lair3:18
The Prom (Christophe Beck)
6.Dearly Beloved / Beginning Of The End / Class Protector5:33
Graduation Day, Part 1 (Christophe Beck)
7.Poison Arrow / Faith’s End5:29
Graduation Day, Part 2 (Christophe Beck)
8.Aftermath / Drink Me / Little Miss Muffet / War / One Last Moment8:31
Fear Itself (Christophe Beck)
Hush (Christophe Beck)
10.Demon Got Your Tongue2:35
11.Golf Claps1:17
12.Silent Night / First Kiss / Enter The Gentlemen / Schism6:52
13.The Princess Screams3:59
A New Man (Christophe Beck)
14.Fyarl In The Morning1:51
This Year’s Girl (Christophe Beck)
15.From The Grave1:51
Who Are You (Christophe Beck)
Restless (Christophe Beck)
17.Body Paint1:37
18.A Really Big Sandbox1:16
20.Willow’s Nightmare / First Rage / Chain Of Ancients5:02
21.Xander’s Nightmare1:48
# Track   Lengte
Buffy Vs. Dracula (Thomas Wander)
1.Dracula’s Power / Opening / Buffy Fights Dracula / Dracula Bites Buffy4:35
Fool For Love (Thomas Wander)
2.The Chinese Slayer2:07
Shadow (Thomas Wander)
3.Love Montage2:10
Into The Woods (Thomas Wander)
4.Riley’s Departure2:26
Forever (Thomas Wander)
5.The Funeral2:53
Tough Love (Thomas Wander)
7.Tara And Willow Argue2:06
8.They’ll Take Dawn Away2:07
9.Glory Brainsucks Tara1:18
10.Spike Talks To Dawn2:52
11.Darkest Magick0:45
12.Willow Attacks Glory6:57
The Weight Of The World (Thomas Wander)
14.Willow Takes Control1:29
15.Willow Helps Buffy1:30
16.Spike At Glory’s3:12
17.Buffy Holds Baby Dawn1:21
The Gift (Christophe Beck)
19.Oh God, My Leg1:06
20.The Construction2:23
21.Xander’s Proposal1:25
22.Spike’s Love1:44
23.Buffy Confronts Glory2:13
24.Buffy Fights Glory2:41
25.More Fighting3:15
26.Buffy Dies9:04
Grave (Thomas Wander)
27.Xander Saves The World3:18
Dirty Girls (Robert Duncan)
29.The War Begins2:45
30.A Bloody Battle4:06
# Track   Lengte
End Of Days (Robert Duncan)
1.Recap / The Scythe1:32
2.Escape The Wreckage3:33
3.Buffy Saves The Girls1:43
4.The Wounded1:26
5.Xander Grabs Dawn2:09
6.Faith The Loner1:04
7.Spike And Buffy2:15
8.Angel Arrives3:47
Chosen (Robert Duncan)
9.Recap / Angel And Buffy Kiss1:38
10.Finishing Off Caleb0:52
11.Angel Leaves2:17
12.The Necklace1:18
13.The First Visits Buffy2:57
14.Buffy’s Plan0:32
15.The Chosen1:17
16.Willow And Kennedy1:11
17.The Night Before / Off To War Part 1 / The Old Gang / Off To War Part 24:58
18.The Last Battle4:37
19.The War Against Evil10:03
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1992 Feature Film Score (Carter Burwell)
20.The Dark Ages0:48
21.Merrick Is Revealed0:27
22.Dark Ages Reprised1:09
23.Lothos’ Chambers0:37
24.Buffy Believes Merrick1:12
25.Graveyard Attack1:14
26.Buffy’s Dream1:05
27.Cassandra In Lothos’ Chamber0:38
28.Pike Leaves Town / The Alley1:02
29.Buffy And Merrick Bonding2:25
30.Vampire’s Return0:44
31.Buffy And Pike / Lothos1:46
32.Vampire Basketball Player2:37
33.Pasadena Floats / Lothos At Floatyard3:50
34.Friends Leave Buffy0:23
35.Lothos’ Death2:01
37.Buffy The Vampire Slayer End Credits0:20
38.Grr Arrgh / Fox Logo0:06
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4-CD set

Nieuwe release La-La Land Records

La-La Land Records heeft in samenwerking met Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox TV Records hun lang aangekondigde 4-CD set van Buffy the Vampire Slayer uitgebracht. De muziek voor deze populaire tv reeks met Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicolas Brendon en Alyson Hannigan is geschreven door Christophe Beck, Carter Burwel (film uit 1992), Shawn Clement, Sean Murray, Thomas Wander en Robert Duncan. Deze 4-CD set bevat muziek van al deze componisten. De meeste muziek is geschreven door Christophe Beck. In totaal zijn er 3000 exemplaren verkrijgbaar. Randall D. Larson schreef de 40 pagina dikke liner notes.



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