Seiken Densetsu 2 Secret of Mana

NTT Publishing 02/03/2018 CD (4988601465984)

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# Track   Lengte
1.He Fear of An Angel 
2.Strange to Talk About 
3.Rose and the Spirit 
4.Always Together 
5.Friendly Memories 
6.Pursued By the Boy in the Wilderness 
7.Summer Sky Blue 
8.Beast of Dance 
9.Distant Thunder 
10.Fairy Tribe Children 
11.Moonlit Night of the Incident 
12.Heart of Darkness 
13.Sacred Intrusion 
14.The Secret of the Storm 
15.Mori Told Me That 
17.Night of the Soul 
18.I Saw the Sea? 
20.Orphans of the Storm 
21.Wind of Evil-Yan 
22.Fail Safe 
23.Eternal Recurrence 
25.Eight-Point Bell 
27.King of the Sea 
28.Dark Stars 
30.Steel and Trap 
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