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Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening / Fantasy2:36
2.No Fight / Selection2:02
3.Father And Son2:11
4.Waiting / Casa Escape 12:25
5.Storm / Finding Home3:20
6.New Day / You Canít Go2:52
7.New Day / You Canít Go (Maracas Insert)2:55
8.Flower Festival4:50
9.China Shop1:38
10.Caught / Drive2:28
11.Hysterical Lupe1:22
12.New Digs / Hedgehogs Part 1-32:33
13.New Digs / Hedgehogs Part 4-61:13
14.Horses Part 1-21:57
15.Lupe Freakout Part 1-21:04
16.Lupe Freakout Part 1-2 (Alternate)1:01
17.El Primero1:17
18.Bull Olympics4:05
19.Chopped Guapo1:17
20.Thinking Of Nina / Allergies2:09
21.Training / Bunny Part 1-22:07
22.Angus And Ferdinand2:13
23.Sunset In The Training Yard1:06
24.Valiente Argues2:08
25.Mission / Sneak Out Part 10:44
26.Mission / Sneak Out Part 20:38
27.Lupe And Ferdinand0:34
28.Trophy Hall / Valiente Fight4:04
29.Moo Part 1-22:32
30.Chop House2:07
31.Casa Escape 2 / Highway Chase3:18
32.Train Escape / Death March5:08
33.Intro To Bullfight0:40
34.Bullfight Part 12:00
35.Bullfight Part 23:42
36.Bullfight Part 2 (Insert)3:41
37.Ferdinand Returns6:26
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