Dragon's Domain Records 03/01/2018 CD - 1000 exemplaren
Film Film release: 1984

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# Track   Lengte
1.Hyperspace Main Title / Pin Head2:22
2.Meet The Mutants/Real Live Munchkins / Dadís Gland/ Basement Snoids4:23
3.Alien Enzyme2:00
4.Bucketheadís Promenade2:01
5.Swamp Dog/Mister Ugly / March of the Carrot People / Wild Bill Schwartz/Avoid the Droid / My Favorite Mutant5:11
6.One Step Forward0:56
7.Tree Trek1:21
8.Old MacDonald Had a Farm Dirge2:26
9.Neurotic Karen/Mutants in Bondage/Terminate / The Princess/Zapping Aliens2:01
10.Ship Witch/Life in Gland Land / Laser Trail3:04
11.Just Browsing/After the Brain Drain4:55
12.Maxís Coronary/Letís Zap Ed / See You Laser1:09
13.There She Is0:45
14.Ding Dong Daddy1:16
15.Max Incognito / Humanoids From Pacoima4:27
16.Rugburn/Boiled Snoids1:49
17.Imbeciles From Uranus1:06
18.Droid McNoid/Bucketheadís Remorse4:00
19.Hyperspace End Credits3:24
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