Jean-Claude Van Johnson: Season 1

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# Track   Lengte
1.I Have A Gift1:20
2.I'm Back0:49
4.Prepping for Mission1:02
5.Tracker In Can1:48
6.JC Kicks Ass1:11
7.Emu Farm1:28
8.Testing The Microchip4:28
9.Huck Prays0:29
10.Hello Phillipe2:22
11.Dragan's Lair1:18
12.Huck Trailer1:32
13.Build To Explosion1:49
14.Philippe and the Timecop (Policeman)2:42
15.JC Meets Marblehands5:09
16.Sad Segway0:57
17.I'll Show You2:32
18.Los Angeles0:36
19.Old Friends1:53
20.Training Vanessa2:32
21.Getting You Back1:06
22.It Never Switched2:26
23.Not Another Helicopter Garage3:04
24.Vanessa And Brown6:17
25.JC At Peace2:51
26.JCVJ End Credits2:14
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