Lakeshore Records 17/11/2017 Download
Documentaire Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.My Calling1:31
2.Slavery and Serfdom2:40
3.March to Sacramento1:21
4.Poor by Choice3:54
5.Nineteen Fifty-Nine1:31
6.Dolores’ Legacy1:54
7.A Day in the Life of Dolores3:11
8.Robert Kennedy3:02
9.Death of the Future2:02
10.Police Attack Dolores1:30
11.El Privilegio De Despedirse2:52
12.Si Se Puede4:35
13.The Right of a Woman2:39
14.Fred Ross2:30
15.Forced Family Time3:07
17.Grape Boycott1:41
18.Her Most Important Child4:04
19.Serfs Rising Up1:36
20.I Could Never Be an American1:34
21.Revolution Starts with Self Love2:02
22.Cesar Chavez Dead1:56
23.Lifelong Activist3:20
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