Star Wars: A New Hope
40th Anniversary Box Set

Walt Disney Records 29/12/2017 Vinyl - Beperkte oplage
Film Film release: 1977

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Main title 
2.Imperial attack 
3.Princess leia's thème 
4.The desert and the robot auction 
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Ben's death and tie fighter attack 
2.The little people work 
3.Rescue of the princess 
4.Inner city 
5.Cantina band 
# Track   Lengte
Side C
1.The land of the sand people 
2.Mouse robot and blasting off 
3.The return home 
4.The walls converge 
5.The princess appears 
# Track   Lengte
Side D
1.The last battle 
2.The throne room and end title 
# Track   Lengte
Side E
1.The last battle 
2.Main title (take 16) 
3.Main title (take 17) 
# Track   Lengte
Side F
1.Main title (take 18) 
2.Main title (take 19) 
3.Main title (take 20) 
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