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Lakeshore Records 04/12/2017 Vinyl - Beperkte oplage
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side 1
1.Silent Whispers1:30
2.Talking Pictures1:02
3.Daughter of the Storm0:49
4.Coming To Ground2:35
5.Serious Trouble2:07
7.Ride To Hellís Kitchen1:53
8.All the Way DownEsther Phillips6:21
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side 2
1.Little Girl, Big City2:13
2.Ben Robbed0:52
3.My Motherís Advice1:49
4.Lillian in the Light1:08
5.Lillian in the Flesh1:58
6.The Museum Beckons3:43
7.Evening StarBrian Eno & Robert Fripp7:51
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side 3
2.The Meteorite3:14
3.Museum Pursuits2:29
4.Rose in the Cabinet of Wonders2:35
5.Closed To The Public0:47
6.Home With Walter1:52
7.Also Sprach ZarathustraDeodato5:27
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side 4
2.The Unisphere2:03
3.The Panorama0:51
4.The Story of Rose3:22
6.The City and The Stars2:48
7.Space OddityThe Langley School Project3:19
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