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Down and Out

Chris Cooper Records 13/10/2017 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Crimson Sky2:10
2.The Angels Song2:34
3.Voyage of Wonder5:13
4.Eclipse Full3:12
5.3 Scripted Blue5:56
6.Tears of Nimbus2:36
8.Escape to the Highlands1:53
9.Darkness Lies Everywhere1:34
11.Darkness Lies Aside1:13
12.Darkness Lies Above0:52
13.Darkness Lies Beneath1:15
14.The Wait4:17
15.Dark Soundscape1:08
16.Mea Vita2:03
17.Initial Acceptance2:07
18.Somethin' Sus2:42
21.Startling Analysis1:34
23.The Experiment Part 13:23
24.The Experiment Part 21:48
25.While You Were Sleeping6:18
26.Fatal Transition1:52
27.Sense of Failure2:25
28.Moment to Dream2:47
29.Night Light1:58
30.Here Ever After3:54
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