Lion Kingdom

Red Bull Media House 20/10/2017 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening Titles (Hunter of Giants) 
2.Meet the Baobab Pride: Introduction (Pride and Punishment) 
3.Epic Journey (Blood Rivals) 
4.Buffalo March Arrival in Glade (Pride and Punishment) 
5.Opening Titles (Blood Rivals) 
6.Njaa Hunting Buffalo at Daylight (Pride and Punishment) 
7.The Defeated Are Forced to Watch (Pride and Punishment) 
8.Njaa Pride (Blood Rivals) 
9.First Night Alone (Blood Rivals) 
10.He Must Leave (Blood Rivals) 
11.Buffalo Trouble on the Way (Pride and Punishment) 
12.Out in the Wild: Male Theme (Blood Rivals) 
13.Cheeky Little Thieves: The Lizard (Blood Rivals) 
14.Buffalo March and Njaa Pride (Pride and Punishment) 
15.Njaa Hunt Giraffe (Blood Rivals) 
16.Transformation (Blood Rivals) 
17.Two Males Meet (Blood Rivals) 
18.End Credits (Blood Rivals) 
19.Play Full (Pride and Punishment) 
20.Wonder of Glade-Impala Survives (Pride and Punishment) 
21.Rain Sequence (Pride and Punishment) 
22.Baobab Pride Hunts Buffalo (Pride and Punishment) 
23.Beauty of the Glade (Pride and Punishment) 
24.Buffalo Give It Back to the Lions! (Pride and Punishment) 
25.Valour on the Sand: Lioness Dies (Pride and Punishment) 
26.Echo of Glade-Lioness' Remains (Pride and Punishment) 
27.Males Night Hunt (Hunter of Giants) 
28.Giraffe Courtship/Fight (Hunter of Giants) 
29.Njaa Listen to Night Hunt (Hunter of Giants) 
30.Start of Giraffe Hunt That Fails (Hunter of Giants) 
31.The Morning After (Hunter of Giants) 
32.Big Giraffe Hunt (Hunter of Giants) 
33.Glade Theme (Pride and Punishment) 
34.Njaa Leader (Hunter of Giants) 
35.Giraffe Mourning (Hunter of Giants) 
36.Buff Hunt of Male Lions (Hunter of Giants) 
37.Return of the Glade Pride: End Credits (Pride and Punishment) 
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