Dorothea Lange: Grab A Hunk Of Lightning

Out Front Music 13/10/2017 CD (0669255101728)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening (Invisible Wings) 
3.Rush of Migration 
4.As a Teenager 
5.Step Back 
6.That's All 
9.Having Children 
10.Starving Women (Dancing Backwards) 
11.Painting Cliffs 
12.It Was Raining 
13.End of Marriages 
14.Social Ramifications 
15.Reality of California Dream 
16.Independent Spirit 
17.Photographs with Captions 
18.Falling in Love 
19.Around the World with Fronsie 
20.John Szarkowski 
21.Still out of Money 
22.Migrant Mother 
23.Importance of Image 
24.FSA Worker Camps 
25.Grapes of Wrath 
26.Photos of South 
27.Good Citizens 
28.American Exodus 
31.Camera Around Neck 
32.USAID Tour Invitation 
33.Monks (Hidden Sky) 
34.She in Fact Had Cancer 
35.Themes Developed 
36.Today is the Day 
37.Photo Exhibit 
38.Credit Roll 
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