Dead Again in Tombstone

Back Lot Music 08/09/2017 Download
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.Dead Man Walking2:23
2.Soldiers of the Dead2:32
4.White Hat Kinda Guy1:38
5.Jackson Boomer2:38
6.That Won't Be Hard0:53
7.The Man Downstairs3:00
8.Path of Redemption3:09
9.She's Riding Alone4:01
10.Dr. Goldsworthy1:34
11.Drums of Woar2:55
12.Maybe I Need You3:00
13.Too Old to Be New3:25
14.Holy Water & Morphine6:10
15.The Devil's Book2:44
16.Let's Go Die Again2:44
17.You Ain't Seen Mad5:48
18.Too Old for This Dying Shit3:31
19.Little Bit of This3:21
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