Hope Dances

Lgmusicpub Publishing 29/09/2017 Download
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.Hope Dances1:33
2.Gigi's Wisdom: Day Dream1:37
3.My Best Friend Kayla0:48
4.Danni's So Going to Get This2:33
5.Raising Money1:20
6.Softball Fun1:14
7.Duet Practice0:27
8.Scoping Out the Studio0:42
9.Dance Mom0:57
10.Dream a Dream1:11
11.Best Frienemies1:06
12.Nutcracker Motivation0:34
13.Unfocused Daydreaming0:29
14.You Have to Put in the Time0:30
15.We're Gonna Need a Montage1:14
16.Hope and Dani Chat in the Studio0:35
17.Reflective Dad1:04
18.A Tender Moment0:53
19.Best Frienemies Part Deux1:15
20.Studio Fun0:37
21.Kayla Was in an Accident1:43
22.A Duet for One1:17
23.You Can Still Dance0:37
24.Gigi Road Trip1:22
25.Gigi Driving: Mom and Dad1:35
26.Duet Competition1:15
27.Hope's Surprise0:59
28.Hope's Audition1:36
29.Celebration: Are We Competitors Now0:59
30.The Ballet Academy0:50
31.Class With Uri3:04
32.Hope's Folly0:34
34.Dance Off0:44
35.Natasha and Hope Dance0:25
36.Natasha and Hope Train1:50
37.Fun in the Sun0:57
38.Nervous Nelly1:06
39.I'm Ready for This: Nutcracker Audition3:45
40.Deck the Halls1:16
41.A Dream Come True0:47
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