Echoes of the First Dreamer
The Musical Prequel to Golem

Sumthing Else Music Works 25/07/2017 Download
Sumthing Else Music Works 28/07/2017 CD (0669311321022)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Dreamer's Lullaby (Piano)2:55
2.Kindled Echoes5:15
3.Standing Alone2:32
4.Lament in the Endless City (Orchestra)5:35
5.Vision of a Lasting Flame (Piano)3:26
6.Silent Tide4:56
7.Lament in the Endless City (Piano)5:34
8.Dreamer's Lullaby (Orchestra)3:11
9.Vision of a Lasting Flame (Piano and Orchestra)4:50
10.Seek and Hide0:59
11.Path of the Golem1:19
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