The Last Rebel

Gonzo 29/09/2017 CD
Film Film release: 1971

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Last Rebel 
3.Up the Hill 
5.Stage Coach Ride 
6.You, Me and a Friend of Mine 
7.Mood Xylophone 
8.Oh Matilda 
9.The Pool Game 
10.Hollis Getaway 
11.Mother and Daughter 
12.The Meal 
13.String Quartet 
14.Ku Klux Klan 
15.The Pit & the Knife Fight 
16.You, Me and a Friend of Mine (VSN) 
17.Death Whore 
18.Graves to Graveyard 
19.I'm Dying for You 
20.You, Me and a Friend of Mine (VSN 3) 
21.Larry's Theme 
22.Pool Game 
23.The Last Rebel 
24.Hollis Getaway 
25.Pianola Shot 
26.I'm Dying for You 
28.The Meal 
29.Up the Hill 
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