Marco Polo
Original Soundtrack

Ariola Records 1982 Cassette
Ariola Records 1982 Vinyl
TV-serie/TV film Film release: 1982

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# Track   Lengte
Side 1
1.Marco Polo (Titles)3:18
2.On the Way to the Orient3:56
4.The Legend of the Great Wall2:00
5.Mai-Li's Song2:31
6.The South Burns2:56
7.Marco Polo (Hormuz)0:55
8.Farewell to the Mother1:24
9.The Crusaders4:13
# Track   Lengte
Side 2
1.The First Love3:51
2.The Forbidden City1:40
3.Marco's Theme (Death in the Wind)1:41
4.On the Way to the Orient (Trip)5:35
5.Nostalgia of the Father1:12
6.The Great March of Kublai3:02
7.The Holy Sepulchre3:28
8.The Mongols1:10
9.Marco's Theme (Dialogue)1:00
10.The Dreams0:52
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