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# Track   Lengte
Giovanni Lodigiani
1.Approaching the Target2:04
2.Crown of Emperors1:03
3.Delta from Above1:09
4.Embark on the Vessel1:20
5.Evening the Odds1:03
6.Hero Martyrdom2:08
7.Newfound Hope0:58
8.Tale of the Lore2:03
9.Templar Oath1:02
10.Horizon Conquest0:32
11.Grotesque Imp Dance1:00
12.A Gruesome Story1:32
13.Like David to Goliath0:56
14.Lost Temple2:19
16.Great Expectations2:33
18.Great Expectations2:33
19.How I Longed for You3:13
21.Overcome the Grief1:28
22.Pirogue Drifting1:14
23.Polaroids and Letters2:53
24.Sophie Through the Rain: Minor (Minor)1:33
25.Sophie Through the Rain (Major)2:58
26.To Mend a Wounded Heart: Major (Major)1:22
27.To Mend a Wounded Heart: Minor (Minor)1:17
28.Alien Nature1:09
29.Beyond Forbidden Gates1:24
30.Down the Vortex1:35
31.Eastern Dream1:40
32.In the Clouds1:16
33.Multineers Arise1:16
34.Skeleton Procession1:04
35.War Games2:09
Leonzio Gobbi
37.Hyacinth reveille1:54
38.Seasons in the Making1:34
39.Seagulls at Dawn1:11
41.Autumn Waltz0:46
42.Swans and Fireflies2:19
43.In Dew Times1:27
44.Adieu, au revoir2:11
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