The Lord of the Rings Online
10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack

HUGEsound Records 23/06/2017 Download
Film Film release: 2007

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# Track   Lengte
1.The House of Tom Bombadil 
3.Drums in the Deep 
4.Ages of the Golden Wood 
5.Learning to Ride 
6.Horse Lords of Norcrofts 
8.Tears of Nimrodel 
9.Urgent Errands 
10.Hills of the Shire 
11.Song of the Dwarves 
12.The Hollin Gate 
13.Calm Before the Storm 
14.Lotro Legacy 
15.Theme for Rohan 
16.The Eored 
17.Corruption and High Treason 
19.Chant for Sauron 
20.Boromir's Last Stand 
21.Shadow of the Argonath 
22.The Entwash Vale 
23.Orc Hunt 
24.The Grey Havens 
25.Party in the Shire 
26.Heart of a Hero 
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