House of Cards: Season 5

Varèse Sarabande 09/06/2017 Download
Varèse Sarabande 30/06/2017 CD (030206750485)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Nothing To Be Afraid Of2:40
2.How We Met3:20
3.House Of Cards Theme3:27
4.Dial Up The Terror4:02
6.About My Father1:08
7.Almost There2:13
8.Is The Damper Open?3:50
9.Tom Yates2:01
10.Simple Truths2:43
11.Find A Judge2:07
12.Tom, Stop1:03
13.Where Are You0:59
14.Are We Together0:48
15.He Lived1:15
16.Russians In Antarctica1:06
17.Election Results1:40
18.Artfully Confident1:33
19.Then What2:45
20.Access To Everything2:06
21.New Election Day0:59
22.The Bunker3:12
23.Playing Both Sides3:53
24.Dead To Rights1:30
# Track   Lengte
1.Elysium Fields6:11
2.No Good Deed2:19
3.Left For Dead0:57
4.A Million Years Ago1:50
5.Lunch With Petrov1:53
6.America I Hear You0:56
7.Slow Burn1:09
8.Your Job1:38
9.Let Them Forgive You0:45
10.Saved My Life2:18
11.Do You Like It1:47
12.Don’t Go Their Way1:32
13.Note From Tom0:45
14.Before I Take It Back0:36
15.Who’s The Leak2:30
16.Implicate Yourself1:36
17.Night Vigil1:18
18.Shut It Down1:28
19.The One To Watch2:52
20.Real Power2:55
21.Women In Combat2:19
22.Heavy Heart1:30
24.Swallowing Poison1:13
25.For Now1:53
26.Lee Ann Missing4:12
27.Nuclear Codes2:22
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