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Frank vs. God

Lakeshore Records 02/06/2017 Download
Film Film release: 2014

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening Titles 
2.Are You There? / Preparation 
3.You've Been Served 
4.David's Wife 
7.Act of God?! 
8.Then God Should Pay For It! 
9.Who's The Defendant? 
10.God Is Justice 
11.Attorney-Client Privilege 
13.The Wind 
14.Papillon (Gina's Entrance) 
15.I Believe In… 
16.Clown Out Of My Courtroom 
17.Always Listening 
18.Exhibits A Through Z 
19.Rachel and David 
20.Not Lost 
21.Closing Arguments / No Further Questions 
22.Are You Sure You're Ready? 
23.Letting Go 
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