Rogue One
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Walt Disney Records 31/03/2017 Vinyl (050087356965)
Film Film release: 2016

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# Track   Lengte
Disc One Side A
1.He's Here For Us 
2.A Long Ride Ahead 
3.Wobani Imperial Labor Camp 
4.Trust Goes Both Ways 
5.When Has Become Now 
6.Jedha Arrival 
7.Jedha City Ambush 
# Track   Lengte
Disc One Side B
2.Confrontation On Eadu 
3.Krennic's Aspirations 
4.Rebellions Are Built On Hope 
# Track   Lengte
Disc Two Side A
1.Rogue One 
2.Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 
3.Scrambling The Rebel Fleet 
4.AT-ACT Assault 
5.The Master Switch 
# Track   Lengte
Disc Two Side B
1.Your Father Would Be Proud 
3.Jyn Erso & Hope Suite 
4.The Imperial Suite 
5.Guardians Of The Whills Suite 
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