Legend of the Lich Lord

Howlin' Wolf Records 31/03/2017 CD - 300 exemplaren
Film Film release: 2015

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# Track   Lengte
1.Legend of the Lich Lord Into0:31
2.Main Titles1:14
3.Nerrena Meets the Lich Lord0:42
4.Emotional Willard1:23
5.Shade Knight First Encounter0:42
6.Sasha Falls in Love0:17
7.Elf Loops1:12
8.Wandering the Forest0:39
9.Slaughter of Zombies1:23
10.Shade Knight Confronts the Elf0:56
11.Teddy Bear0:55
12.Azharus Demonized1:03
13.Walking Troubled Through the Forest0:18
14.Shade Knight Theme1:07
15.Sexy Love1:21
17.Determined March0:26
20.Sasha Fights1:18
21.Holden's Death0:25
22.Sasha Kills Holden0:26
23.Drunken Master0:43
24.Finishing Battles0:26
25.Ominous to Team0:30
26.End Credits3:38
27.Legend of the Lich Lord Outro0:46
28.If the Trees Could Talk: Abigail's Chase2:44
29.If the Trees Could Talk: At the Farm2:28
30.If the Trees Could Talk: Credits3:55
31.Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure: Happy Ending2:27
32.Sugar Skull Man: Suite3:12
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