The Bad News Bears Trilogy

Quartet Records 19/12/2016 CD - 1000 exemplaren (8436560842590)

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Bad News Bears (1976) Music Adapted and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
1.Hang In There**does not appear in the film2:04
2.A Really Fine Thing1:07
3.Play Ball1:18
4.Beer Cans0:40
5.First Major Loss2:32
6.Amanda’s Theme0:47
7.Bad News for the Athletics1:31
8.Around Them Bases1:11
9.Street Pitching2:30
10.Cool Karl Karonsky1:38
11.Out of Pinball Shop0:28
12.Second Amanda Theme / Montage #11:51
13.Dancing School Pianos3:11
14.Kelly Rebels**does not appear in the film1:20
15.Tiny Tears1:08
16.Amanda Gets Spiked**does not appear in the film0:49
17.Buttermaker Goes Corrupt0:35
18.Joe Won’t Throw1:17
19.Montage #20:40
20.Lupus’ Big Catch0:35
21.Cliff Hanger3:01
22.Next Year0:56
23.End Credits1:07
24.The Bad News Bears Song*Bonus tracks *does not appear in the film1:44
25.Play Ball (Alternate 1)Bonus tracks1:47
26.Play Ball (Alternate 2)Bonus tracks1:15
27.First Major Loss (Alternate)Bonus tracks1:45
28.Amanda’s Theme (Alternate)Bonus tracks1:01
29.Buttermaker Goes Corrupt (Alternate)Bonus tracks0:50
30.Joe Won’t Throw (Alternate)Bonus tracks1:04
31.Montage #2 (Synth Overlay)Bonus tracks0:31
32.Montage #2 (Orchestra Only)Bonus tracks0:37
33.Lupus’ Big Catch (Alternate 1)Bonus tracks0:32
34.Lupus’ Big Catch (Alternate 2)Bonus tracks0:30
35.Cliff Hanger (Insert)Bonus tracks1:11
36.Next Year (Alternate)Bonus tracks0:56
37.End Credits (Alternate)Bonus tracks2:05
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training (1977) Music Adapted and Scored by Craig Safan
1.Main Title1:46
2.Mr. Manning0:26
3.Kelly’s Bike1:52
5.They’re Off / In the Van**does not appear in the film2:01
6.Kelly’s Reverie1:00
7.Smoke Signals**does not appear in the film0:44
8.Indian Victory1:25
9.The Dome1:14
11.Kelly’s Dad / Kelly’s Dad Again1:28
12.The Practice1:23
13.The Champs1:51
14.The Hilton1:36
15.Coach Leak2:54
16.Kelly Runs1:25
17.Pool Hall / Kelly Night & Dome2:49
18.Notre Dame Victory March2:23
19.Bad News on the Toros1:30
20.Domed Out**does not appear in the film1:48
21.Tanner’s Stand / Let Them Play / Play Ball**does not appear in the film2:53
22.Inside the Park Homer / Safe2:52
23.Lookin’ Good (Vocal)3:31
24.Lookin’ Good (Instrumental 1)Bonus tracks1:27
25.Play Jazz*Bonus tracks1:29
26.Lookin’ Good” (Instrumental 2)Bonus tracks3:16
27.Hitchhiker (“Lookin’ Good)Bonus tracks1:29
28.Smoke Signals (Alternate, “Lookin’ Good”)Bonus tracks0:46
29.Organ Music (“Las Chiapanecas”)Bonus tracks1:02
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978) Music Scored and Adapted by Paul Chihara
1.Logo / Titles1:20
2.Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean / The Marines’ Hymn1:44
3.The Polo Lounge Feel2:34
4.June’s Blues**does not appear in the film2:08
5.Airport / Fight at Haneda* / Tokyo Freeway1:50
6.Jet Lag Game**does not appear in the film0:59
7.Your Name0:29
8.Mean Bones2:59
9.Sports Fanfare / Birdman’s Flyin’ High2:09
10.Inoki Fight* / Battle**does not appear in the film1:49
12.Bullet Train / Train Again / Temple Romance1:35
14.Love Scene1:24
15.Transistor Earpiece Radio**does not appear in the film1:21
16.Big Game**does not appear in the film0:49
18.Sand Lot / True Love / The Stars and Stripes Forever2:59
19.Lazar, You Bastard* / Take Me Out to the Ball Game2:13
20.Godzilla (Alternate)Bonus tracks0:48
21.Birdman’s Flyin’ High (Wild)Bonus tracks2:01
22.Birdman’s Flyin’ High (Alternate)Bonus tracks0:48
23.Everybody Is HappyBonus tracks1:22
24.VampBonus tracks0:56
25.TangerineBonus tracks1:20
26.Happy DaysBonus tracks1:46
27.Moon RiverBonus tracks1:36
28.Take Me Out to the Ball GameBonus tracks0:52
29.Introduction to Kurodabushi / Kurodabushi / TagBonus tracks1:27
30.Tag AgainBonus tracks0:26
31.Take Good Care of HerBonus tracks2:33
32.Japanese Song #1*Bonus tracks *does not appear in the film0:56
33.Japanese Song #2*Bonus tracks *does not appear in the film2:04
34.Take Me Out to the Ball Game (End Credits)Bonus tracks1:24
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