Busker Alley
Original Cast Recording A Gala Benfit for The York Theatre Company

Jay Records (0605288140020)
Musical | Releasejaar: 2007 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.Blow Us A Kiss 
3.Hula Love Song 
4.Never Trust A Lady 
5.When Do I Get Mine? 
8.What To Do With 'er? 
9.He Has A Way 
10.Busker Medley: Moonlight In Brighton / Crazy Happy Tears / A Million Million Miles From You 
11.He Has A Way / She Has A Way 
12.Buskey Alley 
13.When Do I Get Mine? Reprise 
14.How Long Have I Loved Libby? 
15.Baby Me 
16.How Long Have I Loved Libby? Reprise 
17.Ordinary Couple / I'm On The Inside 
18.Tin Whistle Tune 
19.Mates Reprise 
20.The New Show Audition. All Around the Town / Beautiful Girls 
21.Where The 'ell Is 'ome? 
22.Where Are The Faces? 
23.Paddle Your Own Canoe 
24.Charlie The Busker 
26.He Had A Way 
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