Walt Disney's Dumbo

BBC Records (5011755301613)
Film | Releasejaar: 1984 | Film release: 1941 | Medium: Vinyl

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# Track   Lengte
Side One
1.a. Main Title (Instrumental) / b. Look Out For Mr. Stork (Chorus & Orchestra) 
2.a. Casey Jr. (Chorus & Orchestra) / b. Song Of The Roustabouts (Chorus & Orchestra) / c. It's Circus Day Again (Instrumental) 
3.a. Dumbo Theme (Instrumental) / b. Baby Mine (Vocal and Chorus) 
# Track   Lengte
Side Two
1.Pink Elephants On Parade (Chorus & Orchestra) 
2.a. Dumbo And Timothy (Instrumental) / b. Pyramid Of Elephants (Instrumental) / c. Dumbo Disgraced (Instrumental) 
3.a. When I See An Elephant Fly (Crow Quintet & Orchestra) / b. Dumbo's Triumph (Instrumental) / c. Finale (Instrumental) 
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