Holland Happening
Symphony No.1

Musical | Releasejaar: 1980 | Medium: Vinyl

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# Track   Lengte
Holland Happening - Original Music Score (Symphony No. 1)
1.Scene 1: The Beginnings Of The Universe1:31
2.Scene 2: The Balloon Flight And Little Music1:56
3.Scene 3: Towns: Landscapes Waterways2:35
4.Scene 4: The Storm, The Fishing Industry1:34
5.Scene 5: Work: Homes, Sport2:43
6.Scene 6: The Clipper Race, Pleasure On The Water1:00
7.Scene 7: The Dutch And Their Pleasure1:33
8.Scene 8: The Flying Dutchman2:00
9.Scene 9: The Dutch And Their Monuments1:03
10.Scene 10: Culture: Bulb Fields, Flowers1:38
11.Scene 11: The Pity Of War: Dutch Children, Scene 11a, Tourism3:16
12.Scene 12: Empty Beaches, Holland From The Skies1:07
13.Scene 13: The Coronation Of Queen Beatrix: Fireworks,Finale1:47
14.Scene 10: Postlude0:57
# Track   Lengte
Holland Happening - Original Sound Effects
1.Beach And Children1:00
3.Sea And Sea-Gulls0:44
4.The Life-boat On Ameland, Drawn To The Water By A Team Of Horses0:41
5.The Fish Auction0:50
6.A Street Market1:14
7.Traffic In The City1:10
8.A Train And Metro Station2:03
9.People Shopping0:51
10.A Slot-machine Arcade1:02
11.Football Match: Ajax Vs. Feyenoord2:41
12.Motor-Cycly Race0:46
13.Formula 2 Motor Race0:50
14.Sailing Boat1:19
15.An Oil Windmill: The Mill-Stone0:44
16.An Oil Windmill: The Mechanism In The Turret0:50
17.An Oil Windmill: The Revolving Sails0:53
18.Birds In A Wood1:03
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