Deutscher Original Film-Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records (094635309126)
Film | Releasedatum: 03/02/2006 | Film release: 1995 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Virginia company (Virginia Company) 
2.Auf hoher See (Ship At Sea) Instrumental 
3.Virginia company (Virginia Company) Reprise 
4.Stetig wie der Trommel-klang (Steady As The Beating Drum) 
5.Stetig wie der Trommel-klang (Steady As The Beating Drum) Reprise 
6.Was das nächste Ufer bringt (Just Around The Riverbend) 
7.Grossmutter Weide (Granmother Willow) Instrumental 
8.Lausche mit dem Herz I (Listen With Your Heart I) 
9.Mein, mein, mein (Mine, Mine, Mine) 
10.Lausche mit dem Herz II (Listen With Your Heart II) 
11.Das Farbenspiel des Winds (Colors Of The Wind) 
12.Wilde sind's I (Savages I) 
13.Wilde sind's II (Savages II) 
14.Ich werd' ihn niemals wiederseh'n (I'll Never See Him Again) Instrumental 
15.Pocahontas (Pocahontas) Instrumental 
16.Der Kriegsrat (Council Meeting) Instrumental 
17.Percys Bad (Percy's Bath) Instrumental 
18.Am Flussufer (River's Edge) Instrumental 
19.Das Scharm zel (Skirmish) Instrumental 
20.Die Begegnung (Getting Aquainted) Instrumental 
21.Ratcliffes Plan (Ratcliffe's Plan) Instrumental 
22.Die Maisernte (Picking Corn) Instrumental 
23.Die Ankunft der Krieger (The Warriors Arrive) Instrumental 
24.John Smith stiehlt sich davon (John Smith Sneaks Out) Instrumental 
25.Die Hinrichtung (Execution) Instrumental 
26.Lebewohl (Farewell) Instrumental 
27.Das Farbenspiel des Winds(Colors Of The Wind/Pop Version) performed by Jennifer Rush 
28.If I Never Knew You performed by Jon Secada & Shanice 
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