Demons: The Soundtrack Remixed

Rustblade 28/05/2015 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Demon (Remixed by Ohgr)3:57
2.Cruel Demon (Remixed by Cervello Elettronico)4:08
3.Killing (Remixed by Simulakrum Lab)2:58
4.Threat (Remixed by the Devil and the Universe)3:41
5.The Evil One (Remixed By :Bahntier / /)4:44
6.Out of Time (Remixed by Needle Sharing)5:02
7.Demon (Reprise) (Remixed by Leæther Strip)5:09
8.Killing (Remixed by Chris Alexander)3:51
9.Demon (Remixed by Creature from the Black)4:48
10.Killing (Remixed by Dope Stars Inc.)3:16
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