500 Nations: A Musical Journey
1996 Television Documentary

Epic Records (074646699027)
TV-serie/TV film | Releasejaar: 1995 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.500 Nations 
4.Columbus: Unforgiveable Sins 
5.Columbus: Enrique's Rebellion 
6.No Turning Back 
7.Another Enemy 
8.We Became Orphans 
9.De Soto's March 
10.Sewee Nation 
11.Every Brave Man 
12.The Shawnee Prophet 
13.To Be Martyred 
14.The Chumash 
15.King Philip's War 
16.The Nez Perce: The Long Retreat 
17.The Nez Perce: Fight No More Forever 
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