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Far Cry 4

Invada Records 20/05/2015 Vinyl - 1500 exemplaren (5055869510882)
Game soundtrack Film release: 2014

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Trial By Fire 
2.Welcome To Kyrat 
3.Into The Fire 
4.Sudden Trouble 
5.The Target 
6.Take Down 
7.No Respit 
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Secrets Of The Goddess 
2.The Mountain Watches 
3.Unfamiliar Paths 
4.Awash In The Day 
5.Every Road An Exit 
6.The Hard Road 
7.One By One 
8.Sabal's Suite 
# Track   Lengte
Side C
1.Predator's Way 
2.Here They Come 
3.Once More With Teeth 
4.Lives To Spare 
5.Royal Reception 
6.Prisoners Of Despair 
7.Amita's Rage 
8.The Moon's Light 
# Track   Lengte
Side D
1.The Cooling Night 
2.Like A Tiger's Shadow 
3.Retreat Is A Victory 
4.Every Life, A New Warrior 
5.No One Left Behind 
6.No End To Them 
7.Amita's Suite 
# Track   Lengte
Side E
1.Onto The Mountain That Walks 
2.The Great One 
3.To Face A Demon 
4.A Thing Of Legends 
5.Finding Our Way 
6.Under Kyrat's Stars 
7.The Horrors Of Men 
# Track   Lengte
Side F
1.Victory By Inches 
2.What Is Sacred... 
3.Blood Of Faith 
4.A Sermon Of Bullets 
5.Painted In Blood 
6.The Whisper Of My Blade 
7.Bhadra's Suite 
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The soundtrack to the Ubisoft video game FAR CRY 4 now released on limited edition, multicoloured triple vinyl, with music from acclaimed Hollywood composer Cliff Martinez, limited to 1500 units.

The album will be released with 45 minutes of bonus material not included on the digital release, and will be issued on tripled vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve along with a download card. The colours are as follows: Solid Orange / Solid Blue / Solid Green vinyl. Invada have also been involved in several Cliff Martinez projects, with their own release of the popular soundtracks to crime thriller DRIVE and science fiction film SOLARIS. Cliff Martinez has recently finished scoring the critically-acclaimed Showtime TV show THE KNICK, with his anachronistic music being recognised as one of the key elements of the show's success. FAR CRY 4 is Cliff's first foray into the world of video game music.

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Far Cry 4 (2014)

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