TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 28/05/2011 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title5:16
2.Burning City1:51
3.Not Finished0:38
4.Nothing to Worry About1:05
5.Roman Fanare/Not For Years/Taxes5:24
6.The Granary2:03
7.No Horses1:27
8.Too Dark0:49
9.The Mime (Roman Source)2:58
10.Welcome Home1:46
11.Roman March2:54
12.Your Land4:40
13.Masada (End of Part I)1:06
14.Masada Theme (End Credits)1:23
15.The Return3:08
16.Move On7:14
17.The Moabites2:27
19.Roman Horns/Formalities Over0:57
20.The Camp1:11
21.Not Necessary1:49
22.Bumper No. 3/No God1:50
23.The Sun1:31
24.Roman Horns/Another Victory0:38
25.Night Patrol1:43
26.The Slaves4:39
27.Bumper No. 2/A Matter of Logic2:55
28.The Mask1:23
29.Her Desire0:47
30.Everybody in the Pool2:47
31.A Man Before2:15
32.No Chance0:13
33.Bumper No. 1/Back to Work/Masada (End of Part II)1:39
34.Masada Theme (End Credits)1:23
# Track   Lengte
1.Masada Intro0:37
2.Belly Dance3:55
3.Nothing to Give0:51
4.Running Water3:30
5.Voice From Above2:01
6.Falco's Tour1:40
7.Mid-Day Ration of Death1:58
8.Building the Ramp1:13
9.Pain in the Neck1:30
10.Falco's Orders0:37
11.901 Tk10:53
12.Masada (End of Part III)2:29
13.Masada Theme (End Credits)1:23
14.Precarius Meeting4:15
15.Meeting Unsuccessful1:56
16.Zealots Prepare1:45
17.Sheva Gives Again1:40
18.The Tower0:56
19.Discovery/Inner Wall/Ram's Head10:28
20.Burn it/Fire5:28
21.Sheva's Decision5:05
22.West Wind0:29
23.Zealot Meeting0:33
24.Make-Up For Death1:50
25.Elezar Speaks4:36
26.Plenty of Time0:44
28.Silva's Soliloquy6:33
29.Masada (End of Part IV)1:40
30.Masada Theme (End Credits)1:23
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Wow! At last! Mammoth complete presentation of Emmy Award-winning score to epic mini-series from Universal, starring Peter O'Toole, Peter Strauss. Legendary tale of Jewish rebels defending fortress against legions of Rome inspires Jerry Goldsmith to create magnificent score full of scope, spectacle. In 1981, Goldsmith re-recorded 38-minutes in London for superb MCA album but curiously omitted his fierce action cues as well as many other sequences. For actual soundtrack, Goldsmith recorded Parts 1 & 2 with 65 players at Universal Studios, then passed baton to Morton Stevens for completion of Parts 3 & 4. Intrada proudly presents every cue recorded for all four parts, mixed in dynamic stereo from 2' 24-track & 1/2' 4-track session masters stored in mint condition at Universal. Everything is included, from largest powerhouse set-piece to smallest Roman fanfare. Each part plays as individual program, introducing unique credit music and new material while working with ideas from previous parts, then concluding with familiar Masada end credits. Highlighting Goldsmith parts are riveting 'Burning City', ferocious 'The Granary' & 'Nothing To Worry About', lengthy 'Move On' (heard on LP as 'Road To Masada'). Another highlight: Goldsmith offers striking Roman march for trumpets, horns, woodwinds, percussion. Highlighting Stevens portion are powerful 'Ram's Head' theme for battering ram plus massive final siege cues. Informative notes by Jon Burlingame compliment exciting package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts Parts 1 & 2, Morton Stevens conducts Parts 3 & 4.

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