Saint Seiya Ω Original Soundtrack II

Nippon Columbia (4988001741565)
TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 30/01/2013 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Next Generation (TV size)1:44
2.Deeply Sad2:14
3.Returned from Despair3:06
4.Gold Cloth2:10
5.Mars's Ambition2:46
6.Countdown to Catastrophe2:05
7.The Cosmo Within2:32
8.Glimmer of Hope1:18
9.Dark Plot2:09
10.Heartless Attack2:21
11.Invincible Gold Saint2:15
12.The Myth of Pegasus2:29
13.Into Sunlight1:47
14.Bonds Between Saints2:12
15.The Labyrinth Without Light3:16
16.Lured Into a Nightmare1:48
17.Roaming Soul3:53
18.Eden's Suffering3:04
19.Inner Darkness3:46
20.The Saint of Darkness2:16
21.Elegy for the One Who Leaves2:14
22.The Blue Starlight of Sagittarius2:08
23.Enemy to Fear2:26
24.Brilliant Devil2:57
25.Saint in Dire Straits2:26
26.Tragic Resolve2:18
27.Death Fight Against a Strong Enemy3:27
28.The Fighter of Hope2:30
29.Great Light2:14
30.Myth and Legend2:25
31.Pegasus Fantasy ver.Ω3:50
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