Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Roman Tan - Complete CD-Box

Film TV-serie/TV film Game soundtrack | Releasedatum: 19/09/2002 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
Opening & Ending Theme Song
3.Namida Wa Shitteiru4:33
4.Heart Of Sword ~Before Dawn~4:03
6.It's Gonna Rain!4:37
7.1/3 Of Pure Feelings3:45
8.Just Want To Touch You5:25
10.Itoshisa No Hate4:24
12.Eien No Mirai5:08
# Track   Lengte
Character Image Song I
1.Ai Suru Hito Wo Mamoru Tame Ni4:28
2.It's Not That I Love...4:55
3.Ippatsu Yarou (Arashi O Yobu Otoko)3:26
4.1/Sekai Bun No Ichi Bo Boku4:31
5.Shiroi Ichigo3:31
6.2 Of A Kind!4:04
7.Natsu No E4:43
9.Meeting The Old Enemy!8:24
10.The Ten Swords8:24
11.Nanairo No Kaze3:51
# Track   Lengte
Character Image Song II
1.Nastu No E ~'98 Summer Version~4:54
2.Kokoro No Hadaka4:03
3.Ice Blue Eyes4:01
4.Innocence (Drum 'n' Bass Mix)5:01
6.Kanashimi Ni Tamesarete Mo4:12
7.Sono Mama4:02
8.The End Of The Day5:10
10.Water Puzzle4:43
11.Ashita No Kakera5:18
12.Kono Sekai No Katasumi De... ~ Zanshou ~Venus And Mars~ (Instrumental)7:23
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack I by Noriyuki Asakura
1.Who Are You Protecting (Strings Version)2:22
2.Who Are You Protecting (Original Mix)2:43
3.Himura Kenshin (Original Mix)2:20
4.Himura Kenshin (Gut Guitar Version)2:30
5.Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu (Kenshin's Battle Mode)2:14
6.Battousai Again...1:20
7.I Want To Get Stronger ~A Theme Of Myoujin Yahiko~1:17
8.One Word: Evil ~A Theme Of Sagara Sanosuki~1:42
9.Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu (Kaoru's Battle Mode)1:56
10.Kamiya Kaoru ~ Kaoru's Love Theme (Gut Guitar Version)1:54
11.Thoughts: Undanceable Waltz (Gut Guitar Version)1:11
12.Evil I: Reason To Believe ~A Theme Of The Oniwabanshu~1:31
13.Evil II: One More Ishin ~A Theme Of Shishio~1:15
14.Evil III: The Other Side Of Murderous Intent ~A Theme Of The Dark Side Of Your Heart~2:14
15.Battousai Again... (Director's Edition)2:28
16.Who Are You Protecting (Hard Version)1:15
17.Kamiya Dojo ~A Theme Of Kenshin's Family~1:23
18.Celebrate With Beef Bowl! ~The Theme Of Akabeko~1:26
19.Yahiko's Boogy0:46
20.Ayame's Reggae0:39
21.Suzume's Reggae0:20
22.Ayame To Suzume ~A Theme Of The Kenshin's Family~1:36
23.But! Really!...1:17
24.Kenjutsu Beauty ~Kaoru's Theme~2:13
25.Who Are You Protecting (Acoustic Version)2:41
26.Thoughts ~ Undanceable Waltz (Strings Version)1:58
27.Kamiya Kaoru ~ Kaoru's Love Theme (Original Mix)2:16
28.Who Are You Protecting (Electric Guitar Version)2:29
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack II - Departure by Noriyuki Asakura
1.Wheels Of Destiny ~Prologue Of The Journey To Kyoto~3:48
2.The Last Wolf Suite ~Shishio Makoto's Groups Music~6:48
3.Howling Wolf ~A Theme Of Saitou Hajime~2:18
4.Departure (Piano + Acoustic Guitar Version)1:54
5.Japan Running Amok ~The Darkness Of Ishin~2:01
6.March Of Ghost ~Ghosts Walking~1:43
7.Run To You ~A Theme Of Sagara Sanosuke~2:24
8.Frozen Flare ~The Seal Of No Feelings~1:50
9.Welcome To My Nightmare (Yookoso, Akume E)1:07
10.Dancing With Devils (Saishu Heiki 1996)2:54
11.Starless ~No Moon, No Stars~ (Acoustic Guitar Version)1:08
12.Departure (Master Mix)5:10
13.Starless ~No Moon, No Stars~ (Master Mix)3:59
14.Howling Wolf ~A Theme Of Saitou Hajime~ (Director's Mix)2:17
15.Wheels Of Destiny ~Prologue Of The Journey To Kyoto~ (Director's Mix)3:49
16.Japan Running Amok ~The Darkness Of Ishin~ (Director's Mix)2:01
17.March Of Ghost ~Ghosts Walking~ (Instrumental Mix)1:42
18.Run To You ~A Theme Of Sagara Sanosuke~ (Director's Mix)2:25
19.Frozen Flare ~The Seal Of No Feelings~ (Pizzicato Tracks)1:46
20.Starless ~No Moon, No Stars~ (Music Box Solo)0:33
21.Starless ~No Moon, No Stars~ (Music Box And Guitar)0:34
22.Starless ~No Moon, No Stars~ (Director's Mix)2:14
23.Departure (Piano Solo)1:05
24.The Last Wolf Suite ~Shishio Makoto's Groups Music~ (Director's Mix)6:48
25.Departure (Director's Mix)5:11
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack III by Noriyuki Asakura
1.The Ishin Overthrow Plan4:55
2.Fallen Angel ~The Grey Angel~6:02
3.Kaoru To Misao I (Gut Guitar Version)1:32
4.Underneath The Cherry Blossom Tree ~Poem Of The Dead~3:41
5.Violent Wind ~A Theme Of Hiko Seijuurou~1:16
6.Warrior's Blue ~A Theme Of Shinomori Aoshi~1:59
7.Warrior's Suite8:30
9.Kaoru To Misao III (Full Mix Version)3:42
10.Oniwanbanshu / Kyoto Tansakugata3:09
11.Kaoru To Misao II (PF Version)1:46
12.Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu / Amakakeru Ryuu No Hirameki ~A Theme Of Hiko Seijuurou~4:26
13.Elegy Of Massacre ~A Theme Of Sekihoutai~1:32
14.Fallen Angel ~The Grey Angel~ (Shinta's Mix)6:03
15.Warrior's Blue ~A Theme Of Shinomori Aoshi~ (Director's Mix)1:58
16.Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu / Amakakeru Ryuu No Hirameki ~A Theme Of Hiko Seijuurou~ (Director's Mix)4:25
17.Na-Go-Mi (Extended Mix)2:29
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack IV - Let it Burn by Noriyuki Asakura
1.Recollection ~In The Past~3:23
2.Jungle Of Massacre (Drum 'n' Bass Mix)2:29
3.Strategy Of Massacre (Drum 'n' Bass Mix)0:57
4.Signs Of Massacre0:52
5.Jungle Of Massacre (Master Mix)2:28
6.Over The Horizon3:07
7.Welcome To My Nightmare4:39
8.Curved Air2:41
9.Dancing Madly Backwards3:13
10.Wild Cat ~A Theme Of Makimachi Misao~1:26
13.Hisan I (Strings Version)1:17
14.Hisan II (Church Version)1:20
15.Hisan III (Voice Version)1:17
17.Let It Burn5:11
18.Shades Of Cloud2:27
21.Over The Horizon ~Promenade Of Songs~ (Ichiro Nakai Solo Version)3:09
22.Let It Rain1:30
23.Little Wing5:02
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack Game I - Ishin Gekitouhen by Noriyuki Asakura
1.Who Are You Protecting (PS Keena Version)0:54
2.Restaurant 'Shueiya'1:42
5.Great Corridor1:42
6.Decisive Battle1:16
7.Kamiya Dojo Garden1:25
8.The Shinto Deity's Wood1:37
10.Forest Road1:43
11.Kamitani Dojo1:24
12.Dance Hall1:59
13.Saitou Hajime1:54
14.Ending (Version 1)1:19
15.Ending (Version 2)0:39
16.Kenshin's Defeat0:12
17.Kenshin's Victory0:14
18.Samanosuke Victory0:12
19.Samanosuke Appears0:59
23.Who Are You Protecting (PS Guitar Version)0:53
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack Game II - Juyushi Inbouhen by Noriyuki Asakura
2.Kamiya Dojo1:25
3.Akabeko (Red Crow)1:57
7.Battle 12:06
14.Underground Garden1:47
15.Dream: Commanding Officer's Theme1:09
16.Battle 22:34
17.Mountain Peak2:14
22.Dream: Dagger's Theme0:43
28.Underground Waterway1:03
29.Final Moments1:32
30.A Prayer2:18
31.Ten Brave Warriors3:18
32.Sanada Yukimura2:53
33.On A Journey: Holiness1:59
34.On A Journey: Gleam1:17
35.Ending Theme4:27
# Track   Lengte
Ishin shishi e no Requiem (1997) by Tarô Iwashiro
1.Until We Meet Again1:38
2.Twist Of Time3:01
3.Troubled Memories4:59
4.Painful Memories3:35
5.Endlessly Dark Sky1:57
6.Her Most Beautiful Smile2:37
7.Power Of Revolution4:12
8.Her Most Beautiful Eyes1:56
10.A Parting Eternal3:05
11.No Way Out10:58
12.Epitaph ~Hidden Shadow~3:47
13.Light Shaded Dream4:44
14.Days To Remember1:58
# Track   Lengte
Tsuioku Hen (1999) by Taku Iwasaki
1.In Memories A Boy Meets The Meets The Man6:17
2.One Of These Nights2:15
3.Alone Again3:15
5.Day After Day1:17
6.In The Rain2:31
7.Quiet Life (PF Solo Version)2:46
8.The Will (PF Solo Version)2:12
9.The Wars Of The Last Wolves6:08
10.The Will2:13
12.Talk To The Moon2:46
13.Sound Of Snow Falling5:08
14.Shades Of Revolution7:02
15.In Memories Ko-To-Wa-Ri5:56
16.Quiet Life2:49
# Track   Lengte
Seisô Hen (2001) by Taku Iwasaki
1.On The Pier1:18
2.An Old Patriot3:21
4.In The Sunset Glow1:29
6.Revenge Of The Ghost2:58
8.Your Way2:47
9.Living Sin2:00
10.The Duel (In The Name Of Love)4:11
11.You By My Side3:03
14.One More Red Nightmare3:49
15.Heart Of The Sunrise3:27
16.And You And I2:34
17.Cord Of Life2:34
18.Pie Jesu2:20
19.You By My Side (Extended Version)5:58
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