Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

Film Score Monthly (0638558026823)
Film | Releasedatum: 14/05/2009 | Film release: 1969 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 1500 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title1:50
3.Return to Templemer1:28
4.Introduction to Banquet1:23
5.City View/Pool1:10
6.To Sea/Fish Farm/Shark Fight10:20
7.Changing Room2:40
8.Martineau and Organ2:37
9.Exit Gold Machine1:12
11.Mobula Attack1:01
12.Gold Ray/Pool1:36
13.Escape Attempt5:04
14.Repairing Boat/Forbidden Area/Templemer Future3:00
15.Sting/Lead Up to Mobula Attack/Mobula4:18
16.Gold Room1:08
18.Escape From City1:58
19.Chase, Part 10:42
20.Chase, Part 2/Joab's Death—Mala Letter/Rescue From Sea/End Title Music6:21
21.All Sea's Day1:37
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