The Star Wars Trilogy

Demon Records (5014797295568)
Film | Releasejaar: 2004 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Star Wars - A New Hope
1.Star Wars Main ThemeA New Hope 
2.Imperial Attack 
3.Binary Sunset 
4.Tales Of A Jedi Knight/Learn About The Force 
5.Cantina Band 
6.Princess Leia's Theme 
7.The Death Star 
8.Ben Kenobi's Death 
9.The Throne Room 
10.Star Wars End TitlesA New Hope 
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
11.The Empire Strikes BackMain Theme 
12.The Ice Planet Hoth 
13.Vision Of Obi-Wan 
14.Luke's Nocturnal Visitor 
15.Han Solo And The Princess 
16.Imperial MarchDarth Vader's Theme 
17.Yoda's Theme 
18.The Rebel Fleet 
19.The Empire Strikes BackEnd Titles 
Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi
20.Return Of The JediMain Theme 
21.Approaching Death Star 
22.Luke Confronts Jabba 
23.The Emperor Arrives/The Death Of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation 
24.The Levitiation 
25.Jedi Rocks 
26.Parade Of The Ewoks 
27.Luke And Leia/Brother And Sister 
28.The Battle Of Endor 
29.Leia's News/Light Of The Force 
30.Victory Celebrations 
31.Return Of The JediEnd Titles 
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